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Nowadays, many people use beauty products because they wanted to look different from others. For which they used such product and also, after the lockdown many people becomes health conscious towards himself and started caring of his or her skin. Now, the thing is people using that product is safer to them or not because they buy that product without any consultation and knowledge. Then after some time that product starts reacting towards the skin and makes their skin harm and causes acne or pimple and many more diseases.

Ways to manage the monthly cost of beauty products

Here I had given some ways by which you can save the monthly expense of your beauty product and also some natural tips that you can apply the cost-effective and healthier product 

Table of content 

  • why people don't buy beauty products?
  • things that keep in mind before buying the beauty product   
  1. Use only some product
  2. Use unisex product
  3. mostly prefer homemade natural ingredient
  • Cover your body in sunlight

why people don't buy beauty products?

1. After overcome from the corona crisis, the beauty product industry was damaged very badly because of which some brands compromised with their beauty product and started using cheap quality material and decreases the price. people buy that product and get harmful outcomes so that thereafter they think that all beauty product is harmful to their health and they should not buy that product.

2. Middle-class people can't afford such heavy price products in their daily beauty care .so for that they only use that product for the occasionally purpose only like wedding, party etc

Things that keep in mind before buying the beauty product 

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products

Before buying any beauty product we should keep these things in our mind that

1. Use only some product

Instead of using too many products, we should use a very minimal product because there is no use in applying too many products and getting harm to their skin but some people don't understand these things t.they think that if they use so many products they will glow their skin within a week or month also it will automatically reduce the cost of a monthly expense.

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products

2. Use unisex( for both women and men) product

The benefit of using such a product is that you can afford them instead of using two different types of product for you and your family .nowadays, many branded products are available in the market which is unisex. although if you use that product it will give you the same effect with low-cost pricing.

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products

3. Mostly prefer homemade natural ingredient

The natural ingredient is much better than the harmful ingredient because if they don't give results to your skin then they also don't give harm to your skin. Also in ancient times, most people preferred such natural products as tamarind(Haldi), milk etc. Also, the chemical product gives faster result but harm your skin whereas natural product gives late result but doesn't give harm to the skin.

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products

  1. Mix milk and honey and make facewash
  2. Pour rose in water and make a cleanser
  3. Rub potato on your face as a skin brightener
  4. Apply aloe vera as a face mask
  5.  Apply tamarind(Haldi) as toner and scrub

Cover your body in sunlight

whenever we go outside from home in the sunlight and face sunlight our skin gets tanned due to UV rays or ultraviolet rays and because of which our skin cells get damaged due to sun rays so if you are going outside apply oil in your body and sunscreen on your face so, that it will reduce the cost of sunscreen or you can cover your body as much as possible. By which sun rays don't fall directly to your skin cell and they didn't get damaged. 

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products

Ways to reduce cost of beauty products