Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net


Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net

Today I am going to talk to you about the skincare routine which you can follow for healthy and glowing skin. If you have extremely dry skin which means that your face can’t protect itself against harsh environmental pollutants so when you have very dry skin you develop cracks in the outermost layer which comprises the hydration so also you have to remember that in dry skin you have to be very vigilant about what kind of the cleanser you would use so in daycare 

let’s divide the skincare routine into daycare and night care.

Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net
In The Day Care Routine  

The first thing is the cleanser as I told you to use a very gentle non-forming, fragrance-free, non-irritating cleanser and always make sure to use cold water to wash face never use hot water but you would strip all the natural oils off as it is the skin so you would never use what on the face even when you are in the shower. you can’t able to use hot water  

After the cleanser, you can use is the toner but I refer that you can skip on the toner 

Apply An Antioxidants Serum 

What is an antioxidant serum? An antioxidant serum is nutrient-rich supercharged molecules that have the capacity to blunt the inflammatory responses which are induced by the skin due to ultraviolet rays and the environmental pollutants that’s the most important thing and have a thin so that’s the first thing that you can apply.

Apply Under Eye cream

you can apply just dab an under-eye cream in your slightly under the eye. This helps to keep the area elastic also helps the collagen loss you have to remember that things are magic and results don’t happen overnight and you have to remember this is a lifelong commitment after the under-eye cream if you have any concerns like you have random acne you could just put on a spot treatment for that particular area.

Apply A moisturizer

Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net

Moisturizer is a very important step after all the havoc that is wreaked on our skin by the ultraviolet rays the environmental pollutants it’s very essential to lock in the hydration it’s very essential to apply the moisturizer not only for the face but for the entire body after the bath when the skin is still damp you could put on everywhere put on the moisturizer

Put On A Physical Sunblock

because you have dry skin you should make sure that the physical sunblock has a moisturizing base or you could skip the moisturizer and put on our sunscreen which away with a very rich moisturizing base so that was about the daycare routine

In The Night Care Routine

 Because at night the skin renews and repairs itself so take a good look at yourself before you apply the things at night.

Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net

 if you find your skin is irritable then you got and hydrate it and protect it if you find it’s dull then you need to exfoliate it and before you put on anything or rather before you put on anything remove all the makeup with micellar water it helps to remove the excess oil the excess sebum the excess the grime and the makeup that you’d applied previously on the day. Then you should remove the makeup with the micellar water.

 Again it’s the first thing that you have to do is put under eye cream so why should we have a separate under eye cream and a separate face clean because the under eye area skin of the under-eye area is much thinner and is very prone to show signs of aging and much faster so we have a separate set of under-eye serums and eye cream s that’s the reason. You have to put on the under-eye cream and then apply the under eye serum.

Apply The Treatment Serum  

what is the treatment serum? It is basically the active ingredient now you can generally apply what is required at that time not what is lying in my medicine cabinet so it can vary from retinol, alpha, hydroxy acid, hyaluronic acid or just a plain moisturizer so it all depends on what my skin requires you generally put after you put on the treatment serum you would put on the thick moisturizer as you have very dry skin and a thick moisturizer because it would take several hours for it to get absorbed and the skin would heal over a few hours when it must be but you know sometimes it just maybe wash moisturize and go to bed and there’s always tomorrow to give your skin so much more love.

The harmful effect of skin care product

Beauty Care Tips with Healthy Routine - BeautyCareTips.net

Most people have sensitive skin and they are using sun protection by using skincare products. It helps him from dry skin, skin ageing, oily skin,anti-aging, fine lines etc. this product also helps you to protect your skin from diseases like skin cancer, clogged pores, etc. we should remove makeup from your house which is harmful to us. if you follow these skincare tips then I’m sure your skin will improve much better than now and this beautycaretips will work faster.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of educating.

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