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Foods For A Healthy Heart

 I'm going to share some quick, interesting healthy heart foods and nutrients which are very, very good for you. When we talk about a healthy heart, diet becomes an integral part of your daily routine. So what to eat and what not to eat? Remember, all nutrients are equally important.

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So starting with the first nutrient, which is your carbohydrate, is very, very essential for a healthy heart. So what you need to take are good quality carbohydrates. So look for carbohydrates like your normal roti, Chaval, quinoa and the bajras and the raggies, because they're very healthy and they have an abundance of what we know as soluble fibre. Soluble fibre is very good for a healthy heart because it actually helps to remove the extra cholesterol or the extra fat from your body, outside the body. So, therefore, make sure that whenever you're eating carbs, look in for the so-called healthy or the so-called soluble carbohydrates.


Next, coming to proteins, proteins are very, very important because Besides giving you muscle strength, they also give you a lot of satiety. But look for lean proteins. So going for your dairy products, going for your days, remember the days of the pulses are also very rich in soluble fibre. And as I just said, soluble fibre makes your heart healthy and removes the extra cholesterol from your blood.


The third and last macronutrient is fat. Usually, we think that having high fat takes you to heart problems, but on the contrary, fats are quite a bit healthy. But it is very essential to look for so-called healthy fats. When we talk about healthy fats, look for monounsaturated fatty acids. It is available in the different refined oils which you're taking. But Besides that, there are also hidden sources of monounsaturated fats in your diet. And one of the best sources is your seeds and nuts. Nuts, specifically almonds, are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

 How much is it to have it? 

Almost a handful. And that is what the recommendation is. You can have it throughout the day. You can add it to your porridges in the morning. You can probably add it as you can have it like your snacks munched through the day or even add it to your dessert. But having a handful of farmers would be really healthy for your husband's heart. So remember, eat healthily and be heart-healthy.

 foods for a healthy heart

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