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There's something beautiful about the pair of washed denim in pristine condition. But, sometimes you just got to let your inner body boy the right pair of distressed jeans can look amazing. The problem with store-bought distressed denim is it doesn't always look very realistic what if  I told you, it's easy to take a pair of jeans and Rough Up Jeans or distress them yourself? rohit with healthy B here. 

How To Rough Up Jeans

How To Rough Up Jeans Easily

In this article, I'm going to show How To Rough Up Jeans or distressed jeans.
How To Rough Up Jeans

Tools Required To Rough Up Denim Jeans Easily

  • Fabric pencil
  • Low grit sandpaper
  • A lint roller
  • A razor
  • Tweezers 
  • Cardboard 
  • Scissors
  • A knife
How To Rough Up Jeans

Step No 1:-Mark Your Cuts 

Plan out where you'll be cutting the jeans before you start. Just going crazy on them is unlikely to yield what you want. the key to great distress is to make it look realistic. stick to weathering the parts of the jeans that will naturally get the most wear and tear. the main area you want to weather is the knees.
But don't forget under the front pocket where keys and other items can wear down the fabric over time. take the fabric pencil and mark where you want to create the holes. Draw a few horizontal lines. Try to avoid making them some length though as that starts to look too symmetrical and artificial. 
remember, gents, less is more. going overboard on the distressing is not a great look.

How To Rough Up Jeans

Step No 2:-Start Cutting

How To Rough Up Jeans
There is a variety of items you can use to cut your jeans open. Whatever you use, be careful to only cut the top side of the fabric. if using a knife, I advise putting cardboard between the two-layer of fabric to protect the backside of the jeans. Cut through the lines you draw with your fabric pencil. go and flip your jeans to start pulling some threads the black or blue threads of the jeans run vertically; the white thread, run horizontally. Now, take your tweezers or your seam ripper and start to pull off the white thread one by one. As you continue to pull off the white thread, vertically thread are going to start to create excess fuzz to create and trim those as they start to build up. I do recommend leaving a little fuzzy at the edges, as to my eye, it looks more realistic than a super clean edge. Keep repeating until the hole is as large as you'd like. you can pull just a few threads if you like the fuzzy look then until you are fully connected to the cuts you may end up with a few white threads that aren't connected to both ends. Just use the scissors to trim those off.

How To Rough Up Jeans

Step No 3:-Use Sandpaper

the next step to weather your jeans is to use some good old fashioned sandpaper. I recommend using something rough like a 60 or 80 grit. Sand over the holes you created in the previous step. This roughens up the edges making them up there more natural .rough up erased areas that will also receive wear and tear like the top edge of the pockets or the belt loops. Finally, with enough scraping, you can create unique holes in the fabric different from the holes you made with your scissor or knife. Keep sanding until you are satisfied with the level of wear. the sandpaper will lift up quite a bit of fuzz. simply use a lint roller to remove it. 

How To Rough Up Jeans

Step No 4:-Time For a Shave

Another way you can tear up the jeans is by simply grabbing your razor blade. This is a great top cut up the fabric edge without creating extra fuzz like sandpaper. simply lift the edge you want to cut and run razor back and forth. Just be very careful not to cut yourself so, guys when it comes to distressed denim are you team black or team blue jeans?



How To Rough Up Jeans

This is how you can Rough Up Jeans easily by yourself 

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