Chinese New Year | Food you should try to taste

It's Chinese New Year and you want to start the year off, right that means good health and lots of wealth. There are traditions everywhere, especially at the dinner table.so, food and China Chinese cultural guide. So, we've got quite the feast on the table Not exactly what I would have at home every year. No. This is ambitious. Absolutely. Sure, it's over the top, but signifying over.
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Chinese New Year | Food you should try to taste

Abundance is the name of the game. Start by ordering an even number of dishes, because good things come in pairs Number eight, number twelve. Actually, as long as the round number is nice, number seven is the one to avoid. It's like 13 unlucky. Every dish is a metaphor for something that is whole  Sea Bob, Choy, Chile-raised oysters, dried seam off, and pig's tongue covered in gravy. It actually means money, enterprise Everything coming easily to you in the upcoming year. So whatever you try out, this year will be a success and those oysters look like this guy. Yes. Everything has to look like money old-school gold Nuggets.

Every year, All family always has to have whole fish food. Yes, that's absolutely a mandatory dish you always have a whole fish. Again, it represents togetherness and wholeness and there's a bonus tip when devouring it. You take the bonus when you eat it, but you never flip it over because that represents a fishing boat flipping over.

1. pious

For the pious, consider going vegetarian on New Year's Day, Try bamboo pith-wrapped Anoki and egg white pockets food. Even though you're vegetarian, you're fear of art you want money. So those little packets represent old-fashioned coin purses. And the long ones even represent what a changing pack would look like in the olden days.

2. Buddhist feast

The Buddhist feast is commonly eaten by monks at the temple. She takes dried seamless and golden baby corn. Signifying more money, and don't shy away when this lands on the table. We always have it beak to tail. Absolutely, So you always have whole chicken food because it represents the whole family being together. And beak to tail means good beginnings and good endings. Finally, the Piers deride sauce, a suckling pig rubbed in spices, sauces and hand-roasted food. A sacrifice fit for the God you thank Buddha. You thank the God of prosperity. He particularly had a good year. This is an offering to them to celebrate their or to your ancestors.

3. lingo

 Absolutely, And don't forget dessert. This is lingo or your cake, only served this time of year, sweet and sticky from glutinous rice flour moulded into fish. Because fish or you sounds like the word for abundance. These are some of the things you should have. But there are things that you should avoid. Yes, So we never have squash during the Chinese New Year because squash sounds like a death squad, so we avoid that. And I know my family always avoids squid because essentially it sounds like Tao Yo. It means you're getting fired now. 

You know the significance of everything on the table. And you can guarantee yourself the happiest of Chinese new year.