Is Covid Entering In A Crucial Stage Or May Be Endemic Stage

 It's been more than two years. Since the first case of covid-19 was confirmed in the U.S. Rapidly turning our lives upside down. But a glimmer of hope is starting to shine through most experts believe the virus will soon transition from pandemic to an endemic face.

Yeah, that sounds like good news. But what does that really mean? And be seen as a senior medical correspondent? Dr John Torres. Has more on what could change. As covid-19 does become endemic. We've masked stayed six feet apart and the majority of the country has been vaccinated all to keep covid cases down.

So how will we know when all of that work and covid-19 is in the endemic stage could probably be paid to one of the newspapers anymore. It won't be what you wake up in the morning and are worried about us. You leave the house. Well, endemic means the overall rates are static, not rising or falling. It's the stage where we learn to live with the virus. What I do think. We will be able to do is get a level of Troll, that's low enough that it doesn't interfere with our function. Dr Robert Walker.1.01 California at San Francisco believes.

How Covid Entering In Endemic Stage

We may be fast approaching this new phase as we say, in most places, probably 34 weeks from now, there will still be covid around but the prevalence will be much lower to reset endemic state. That doesn't mean that the virus has disappeared again into the background. It can also mean a combination of the fact that we know how to treat it better and we have better tools to treat it. I think that that the virus, there's no circumstance that I can Envision where the virus goes away. Even with the lower transmission, some things like masking could change mask mandates in indoor spaces, which I think are completely appropriate now in a month or two may not be appropriate. We may have a world where we don't need to force everybody to wear a mask, but mandates and shutdowns will be dialled down it. it mean, the virus isn't dangerous.

As we learned from another endemic virus ,symptoms like the flu we've lived with 400 years and it kills sadly 30 to 50,000 Americans a year. And it's endemic. It's sort of endemic in a seized, in the way. It comes out every winter and we deal with it. This could be the same way. We deal with covid-19 will still have outbreaks, but they will be Regional and more predictable. The sense of whether you're in an endemic versus pandemic State, whether this is a dominating factor in your life, is not whether there is some virus around, it how much is circulating and how protected people are from the bad outcomes. Great information there as we look forward and our thanks to dr.