Coronavirus Update-Vast Drop in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

 The pandemic here at home in tonight, hospitalizations across this country, down twenty-four per cent in just two weeks and scientists on this question, why do some people not get covid, even as others around them do some of the theories tonight?

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A dramatic drop in hospitalizations down twenty-four per cent in the last two weeks. This chart shows infections in us.  Now, nearly halfway down the other side of Omicron speak, we're hoping this is gonna be the last surgery we will have to deal with. We don't know with cases plunging the debate over masks in schools heating up from protest in New York to Virginia,  in Loudoun, County officials, suspending 29 students who came to class without masks.  How can a little superintendent feel that they can supersede an executive order 7 Virginia school district's defying an executive order from Governor Glenn yankin that allows parents to opt-out of mask mandates? 

Experts Point Of View On Covid

But Tasha Nelson is fighting to keep masks in school for  her 10-year-old son.  Jack has cystic fibrosis. They asked me, is this going to mean they can't go to school anymore?  As scientists are trying to unlock the mystery of why some people seem to never get sick with Kovac?  While there's no clear-cut answer, one factor May lie in our DNA, giving people with certain genetic traits more pre-existing protection. Researchers in London have also found people with higher levels of T cells generated from other previous coronavirus infections, like a common cold, or less likely to get covid if there are overlapping sequences that are shared between the common cold Coronavirus. viruses and the source Covey to that T-cell can react very quickly to mount a defence against stars cov2. Experts say like this could help bring us one step closure to finding that universal covid vaccine that works equally well against any future varients But those types of vaccines could take years to develop David.