Coronaviruses-New Alert for Home COVID tests

Now with a new alert about at home Covid test with millions of those free tests from the government arriving. Now in homes all across our country, our chief medical correspondent, Dr Ashton is here with the latest on this guidance from Poison Control. Poison Control when it comes to a warning about a test. Yeah, it's really about awareness Cecilia, and we think we can file this one under something we really shouldn't have to be told. But it really comes down to this reagent that's in these at-home kits.

This is obviously he only meant for the test. It's not meant to go in your nose. It's not meant to go in your eye. It's not meant to be consumed. You know, a minuscule amount is in there. But there is the potential for some irritation, or in the, in the case of maybe a child or a toddler, some toxicity.

New Problems Arising  for Home COVID tests for coronaviruses
New Alert for Home COVID Tests For Coronaviruses
Okay, you've got a couple of the chests here. So show us what, what you're talking about. So it comes down to these, which are, they can look like eye drops and this reagent, which is how you actually process the test with some drops. You know, this is only meant to go in the test yet. So the alert that has gone out from some poison control centres around the country is really about that reagent. Those chemicals cause some potential for toxicity, be really careful when it comes to the eye and kids to write.

What's the advice that you want people to know when we get these at home? And now it's a sign of the times, right? We're all going to be getting some of these at home rapid tests, either purchased or sent to us for free from the government. You want to store them in a secure place. when you do them you want to actually read the instruction closely and follow those directions those can be difficult even for medical providers. And if you get any contact with this reagent, particularly in your eye or your mucous membrane, you want to flush it with warm water, if necessary, colic poison control centre. But again, this which looks no different than eyedrops is meant for the kid, not your eye, not your nose, not your mouth. You heard it here first noted.