Covid Outbreak Occurs In America


In  America Covid Outbreak Occurs

They were 243 covid-19 cases in the community today, the highest daily number since the beginning of the pandemic two years ago, the record was 222 cases on November 16th last year, at the height of the Delta outbreak, the Ministry of Health said, anyone with cold or flu symptoms that could be covid-19 is asked to get a test and isolate it home until a negative result is returned of today's new cases. 165 lat an Auckland 21 and Northland 34 and Waikato 10 2008 and Bay of Plenty to and tight are 46 and Hawke's Bay to and Wellington and one in Whanganui there are 10 people in hospital today, and one person is an ICU.

The average age of patients is 60 yesterday was a record day for booster shots across New Zealand with 60 6864 doses administered taking the total to more than 15 million. It comes as 1 million kiwis yesterday became eligible for their booster. After the interval was reduced from four months to three months, covid-19 modeller, Professor Michael plank said, although Omicron infections had so far risen slightly slower than in many other countries, case numbers were still doubling. Roughly every four days, daily numbers were still far below earlier modelling, tipping as many as 50000 new cases could be emerging by Waitangi day.

However, as pain Gemma query kiwis seek a more normal life involving unimpeded overseas travel and no lockdowns, prime minister Jacinta are doing yesterday urged against complacency. We know, for instance, that boosters do enhance the protection against hospitalization and severe illness and death more so than just two dosas. So we encourage everyone many become eligible today. Please go and get your booster. You have a chance to do it before Omicron has widespread.