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One of the standard hazards of living in countries with hot and dry climates is the effect with the sun has another skin without proper care, excessive sun exposure can have an adverse effect on the state of our skin, leaving it darker than usual and if left unchecked, can cause a painful sunburn on a daily basis. A face, neck, arms and other areas not covered by clothing tend to be the most commonly effective. Without adequate protection, you could almost start tanning immediately with the condition worsening over time.

How To Prevent From Sun Burn - Tan Removal & Skin Lightening Treatments

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The major reason behind Wiley Tan requires an understanding of sunlight within the wavelength exists two types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. Uva causes dark pigment production as the rays can penetrate deeper into the skin, while UVB causes surface layers to become inflamed. Tanning is a sign of damage and unhealthy skin, resulting in darker skin colour, uneven skin tone, dark spots and general darkness. Chronic exposure to the sun without adequate protection can also accelerate aging changes in your Skin Often mistaken as an irreversible condition, treating tanned skin is a matter of time and patience. Defeat Tan skin may take between three to six months to treat and restore closer to its original skin state. Prevention is better than cure in this case, and it is highly advised to see a dermatologist before the condition worsens. 


For basic prevention, the Liberal application of sunscreen with an SPF of about 30 is important and it should be reapplied every 3 hours. This holds true even when you are in shaded areas. Over the counter solutions do exist in form of creams, face washes and face packs. However, you may only see short term effects due to their inability to penetrate deeper layers of skin. If your Tan does not become manageable with these products due to your lifestyle or general lack of results, 

Clinical treatments are performed within a strict safety protocol by an experienced team of dermatologists and skin therapists. While there is no instant solution for Tan reversals in time and under the guidance of a doctor, you may definitely see a drastic improvement for your unique case for Tan removals are broadly two types of treatments available. Both treatments require several sessions to show their ideal potential results with a gap of a few weeks in between. 

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1. we have chemical peas. These are plant-based extracts that, when applied, aided the quick exfoliation of the surface layer of dark and Tan skin. Results can be seen after one to two sessions of treatment and can be maintained with a proper Postcard. However, the number of sessions required may vary depending on the state of your skin. Chemical peels are better suited for mild to moderate cases of tanning. 

2. Lastly and the most effective treatment for Tan removal is laser toning. This is a two-phase laser treatment that is performed in conjunction with a carbon emulsion application. The first phase blasts the carbon mass clearing the pores. The second phase reduces collagen production by removing the damaged layers and it breaks the pigment deposits. Solving the issue of darker spots results can be seen immediately after the first session with further improvement over weeks. Each subsequent session can restore your original skin tone with improved texture. 


As mentioned earlier, the results from these treatments can be effectively maintained by using sunscreen every few hours. If possible. Avoid or Minimize Being outdoors when the sun is at its highest covering all the extremities with clothing will also help. There is simply no quick fix to Tan skin. As mentioned earlier, over the counter products may provide a mild and temporary solution. Even after several months, there may not be any results. They vary of medical products as they may contain harmful substances and could worsen the situation. 

There is no scientific basis or conclusive research that proves the effectiveness of home remedies and they cannot treat the underlying cause. If you're having trouble dealing with your Tan. Take an appointment with a genuine skin doctor to restore the radiance of your skin.

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