'Tomato Fever' That Has Raised Concerns Across India

there's a new virus known as tomato fever or tomato flu, which is raising concerns across the country. The infection, which actually has nothing to do with tomatoes at all, is a rare viral disease that causes red colour rashes on the body and hence the name. It also causes skin irritation and dehydration. 

Tomato Fever

What is Tomato Fever?

Tomato fever is also known as hand, foot and mouth disease. Some other symptoms of it include fever, body aches, a change in the colour of one's hands and legs, fatigue, nausea and blisters.

 In a majority of cases, young children are affected by this virus. While the illness is not fatal, it is very contagious. The causes of tomato fever are still unknown and scientists have still not figured out which specific family of viruses is causing this. Cases of tomato flu were initially reported from Kerala with about 80 cases. Cases have also been reported from the border districts of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. In Oscar as well, more than two dozen children have been diagnosed with tomato fever.

No deaths have been reported due to the virus yet. For the print, this is Gordonram. For more, log on to the print-in and follow us. Social media handles.