WHO Declares Monkeypox A Global Emergency

 Moments ago, the public, the World Health Organization, declared monkey pox a public health emergency of international concern. The declaration means the monkey pox outbreak is an extraordinary event that could spread to even in more countries and that it requires a coordinated global response and what does this declaration of monster pots as a global emergency mean for us?

So this is very important, and this is the declaration that we were waiting for. So, it essentially says we are prioritizing this emergency And what we need is collaboration of all global communities, of all countries to ensure that resources ones are spread out. Equitably as we know, monkey pops originated in central and Western Africa, and we know that there has been significant disparities in terms of vaccine and therapeutic. Dealing with monkey Pops with this declaration will ensure is that countries will share their vaccine and therapeutic supplies. They will also make sure that they have consistent messaging about the public health issues surrounding monkey pox. It's a recommendation, and it's not a mandate. So we need all of the WH oh. Global partners to follow this declaration profoundly. 


Do you expect the US. To follow suit and declare a monkey pox of public health emergency here? You know what? They really should consider it. And the reason why is because the way that monkey talks is behaving now. It's very different than it's behaved before. It's spreading very rapidly. Even some of the symptoms are different. The rash appears differently. We've really seen an increase in cases significantly over the last few weeks. And so for that reason and because the public still doesn't know that much about monkey pods, and because we have people being affected day by day, it probably would be in the best interest of our communities to make them more aware. And that would be in declaring an emergency here in the United States. 

The LGBTQ community in America is loudly condemning the American response to this. They are most heavily affected in the early days of this outbreak of monkey pox. Do you believe that the American government is doing enough, particularly for these LGBTQ people who are suffering right now from this disease? Right?. And we know a lot, especially people who are experts in the HIV community, would also agree. It's been very slow in terms of the vaccine rollout, very slow in terms of informing people about the availability of therapeutic. We are ready are one step ahead of where we were with probate and that we have a vaccine for this and we have therapeutic for this. But the fact is that the public health messaging has been quite poor. Even the coordination has been quite poor. I think what this points to is that one. We haven't learned from COVID. We haven't learned from the HIV epidemic, and we have the LGBTQ community really being the most impacted right now, and we can do better.