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Most of the time when you asked your friend or people about their skincare routine for the winter. They will tell you that it’s just a simple thing like

1.       Daily day and night wash your face with cleansing lotion.

2.       Moisturize your skin properly.  

3.       Protect your skin with sunscreen from the harmful ultraviolet rays dropping from the sun.

But it is sometimes pretty good but we have to do some extra steps to take care of our skin in winter naturally. Before this, you have to understand what is the effect of winter on your skin?

Effects of winter on your body skin

During the winter the air is cold or very low temperature and also the air has less humidity. Because of this, the moisture present inside our skin gets removed from the skin. At that time we have to take extra protection for our skin otherwise our skin gets dry, and irritated, and red marks, cracks, flex visibly on the skin etc. damages had a chance of occurrence. so, for that purpose. We should have to know Some extra care of our skin in winter.

Some extra care of skin in winter 

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1. don't bath with hot water

During winter it's cold so we think of a bath in hot water but it is not right. While bathing with hot water the protected barrier of the skin surface gets melted and removes moisture and gets dry skin. so, for that don't bathe more than 5-6 min and also a bath with lukewarm water. More you can use cleansing lotion instead of soap.

2. don't fully dry your skin after the bath

After the bath doesn't dry your skin totally just simply rub your towel with a soft hand. Let, then some moisturizer on your skin because dry skin does not fill the layer with moisturizer.

3. Use moisturizing cream or ointment 

In summer we prefer moisturizing lotion but in winter we should only go for the moisturizing cream or ointment because it gives better results than moisturizing lotion. One of the biggest myths about moisturizers is that moisturizer fills our skin with moisture but it is not true it only protects skin moisture from removal or we can say that protects us from transepidermal water loss. 

4. Use sunscreen 

Use sunscreen while going outside it doesn't matter sun is there or not. sunscreen always protects your skin from all types of damage and also prevents moisture. You should use sunscreen for more than SPF 50 and at minimum, you can buy SPF 30. 

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5. Cover your full body 

while going outside cover your full body because during winter air spell off your skin moisture easily. Cover your body with clothes put on hand gloves and also cover your neck with the muffler. Addon put some cotton clothes inside don't put woollen clothes directly.

6. Use lip balm 

In winter most of our lips get dry or crack because of which our face looks dull. For that, we can use lip balm. it protects our lips to get dry and crack. use it after every 2 hours so that your lips look better and glowy.